The adventures of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, two good ol' boys from east Texas who have a way of getting into some bad fixes, as told by Joe R. Lansdale.


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Only Hap and Leonard would catch a cold case with hot cars, hot women and ugly skinheads.

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First Hap and Leonard book where they are looking for stolen money. Click here for the complete rundown. Leonard inherits his Uncle's house, next door to a crack house, and the boys get involved in a murder mystery. Click here for the complete rundown. Hap and Leonard try to find Hap's former girlfriend, Florida, in Grovetown, the violent bigot capital of Texas Hap is bitten by a rabid squirrel and Leonard is suspected of murder. They go in search of the real killers. Hap and Leonard go with Brett to rescue Brett's daughter, Tillie, from some not too nice folks in Mexico. Leonard also gains a Short stories and excerpts. The boys go on a cruise, get in trouble in Mexico, go home for more trouble, and return to Mexico to settle things. The boys are in trouble again with a mysterious hitter after them. Devil Red. Hyenas. Available Now.

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