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Act of Love


Smokey aka Clarence Montgomery-Black wino who finds the body of Bella Louise.

Bella Louise Robbins-Local poke and hop head and victim of the Hacker.

Marvin Hanson-Police lieutenant investigating the murders. He is 5í10Ē and called Gorilla by his 3 close friends. After the evemts of this book Marvin moves a few miles north and meets up with Hap and Leonard and becomes a character in most of their books.

Rachel-His wife

JoAnna-His daughter.

Joe Clark-Marvinís partner, divorced from his wife Peggy and for a while Marv suspects that he could be the Hacker.

Doc Warren-Houston medical examiner who has an interest in necrophilia. He call the autopsy room the slicing room and he bumps his head quite often on the scale.

Higgins-Original investigating officer.

Evan-Marvís brother who had been a boxer, Bubba the Kid Hanson. He was killed by a teenager for three dollars and forty seven cents.

Mary-JoAnnaís friend.

Tommy Ray Evans-JoAnnaís boyfriend.

Phillip Barlowe-Reported for Houston Bugle.

James McBain-Cook in an all night Jack-In-The-Box whose car was stolen and used to transport Bellaís body.

The Houston Hacker-Serial killer who likes to eat part of each victim.

Doris Johnston-First love of the Hacker. She was killed in a car accident. The Hacker dug up and desecrated her body, stole the head and kept it buried where he could get at it for some more terrible acts.

Evelyn DeMarka-Student and another victim.

Frank Callahan-Evelynís boyfriend;

Mildred Cofey-Apartment manager.

Sharon Carson-Bugle receptionist.

James Milo-Evidence officer.

Juanita-Warrenís wife.

Patricia Quentin-Another victim.

Roger-Her ex boyfriend.

Fierd-Pasadena police sergeant.

Dr. Bran-Family doctor.

Captain Fredricks-Marvís captain.

Raul Martinez and Mitchell-Police detectives assigned to guard Hansonís family.

Cramer-Mitchellís partner.


The Fifth Ward ghetto off Lyonís Avenue (Soul Street) and Jensen is called Pearl Harbor. You donít go there unless you want to commit suicide or want to get cut from ear to ear.

The Hacker uses a bayonet in his crimes.

He drinks the blood of his victims and fries the flesh.

One of the victims was described as a grotesque chocolate and cherry pudding of death.

Marvin and his family live in Pasadena, Texas, a suburb of Houston. It is nicknamed Stinkadena. Marvís grandfather had a farm near Tyler and Marv inherited it. He wants to go back there and open the farm again. A couple of his books are Raymond Chandlerís The Big Sleep and The Glory of the Hummingbird by DeVries.

Doc Warren has a lot of Ed McBainís 87th Precinct mysteries along with Hemingway, Faulkner, and Fitzgerald.

There is a mention that the Boston Strangler was not caught, that the man arrested was not the culprit.

Rachel gets a nail driven through her hand into a wall. This is similar to a scene in Savage Season.


He read until the words rode each other piggy back.

Fear moved inside his brain like a lizard on a hot rock.

It doesnít take more than one turd in the toilet to stink the place up.


The Houston area is being terrorized by a vicious killer. Marvin Hanson is investigating the case and it becomes very personal to him. The killer takes it personal, too, and goes after Marvinís family.

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