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John McBride-White heavyweight contender brought to Galveston to teach a lesson to a black fighter who had whipped the best in the area. Very large man, 6í1 and a half, 270 lbs. Very mean spirited man.

Ronald Beems-Representative of the Sporting Club, the organization behind the fight. Closet homosexual.

Forrest Thomas-Fighter who works for Beems and does many odd jobs for Beems. He was badly beaten by Arthur.

Lilí Arthur John (Jack) Johnson-The man the Sporting Club wants to teach a lesson by getting beaten by McBride. Six feet tall, 200 lbs, 22 years old. He has 3 sisters, 2 brothers, and a brother-in-law.

Henry-His father.

Tina-His mother.


Clement-Her husband who Arthur keeps telling to stay out of his sister. They all live in one house and have no more room.

Warner Ketchum-Unwitting sparring partner of McBride. McBride wanders around picking fights with people, beats them up and pays them, usually after they are unconscious.

Jane and Jared-Boy and girl on the beach. He is trying to convince her of his love so they can have sex, she eventually relents and then he leaves.

Ida-Woman whose baby is born after she is dead.

Hercules-The baby and supposedly an ancestor of Arthur.

Ernest-Friend of Arthur.

Isaac Cline-Head of the Galveston Weather Bureau.

Captain Simons-Sailing the steamship Pensacola in the hurricane.

Jake Bernard-Guest on the steamship.

Bill, Angelique, and baby Teddy Cooper-Galveston family caught in the storm. Parents perish but baby survives after parents nail him to a post. Arthur and McBride find the baby after the storm.

Bess-Their mare.

Uncle Cooter-Elderly black man who oversees the colored entrance at The Sporting Club.

Jim Marlin and Elizabeth-Lighthouse operator and his wife.


Takes place in Galveston, September, 1900.

McBride is to be paid 300 to fight Jack, 200 more if he wins, and 500 more if he kills him.

Arthur lives in an area called The Flats.

When getting ready to fight, Arthur wraps gauze around his penis to make it look even bigger for the white folks.

McBride steals a ring off a dead woman by cutting off her finger.


Had about as much interest in women as a pig does in fresh socks.

I knew you was an Alice.

House was shaking like a fat manís ass on a bucking horse.

Hit him so hard he felt past lives cease to exist.


A local black fighter has become area champion and the white sporting crowd doesnít like it. They bring in a heavyweight contender to teach him a lesson. Main problem is there is also a hurricane coming to town.

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