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The Boar


Richard Harold Dale-Fifteen year old hero of the story.

Leonard-His dad.

Ike-Ten year old brother.

Beth-His mother.

Doc Travis-Town doctor who drove a Model B Ford.

Roger-Their dog.

Herman Hall-Local hunter and first to encounter Satan, the wild hog with his dog Red.

Jack Jeffers-Neighbor whose mule was killed by Satan.

Abraham Wilson-Richard’s best friend.

Uncle Pharaoh-Local man who is said to be 150 years old. One time great hunter who was crippled by Satan. Abraham’s Great grandpa.

Blue, Tiny, Roger, and Bounder-Hunting dogs.

Buck Wilson-Abraham’s daddy.

Jesse-Pharaoh’s cart pulling hog.

Mama Wilson-Abraham’s mama.

Old Man Turner-Killed his family and himself and no one ever knew what set him off.

Phil-Pharaoh’s new hog.

Melinda-Richard’s baby sister.


Story takes place in the summer of 1933 in the Sabine river bottoms of east Texas.

Richard loves reading especially Burrough’s Princess of Mars. He also reads Doc Savage.

His daddy wrestled at fairs for money.

He and Abraham had a treehouse that rivaled Tarzan’s in Tarzan and His Mate, the first Tarzan movie he had seen. It had been built by Abraham’s daddy and older brother.

Abraham had a spear made of Hickory like his African ancestors and was working on a shield.

People singing Old Dan Tucker, reminds me of my grandfather.

Mud Creek is the nearest town. Another use of Mud Creek in a Lansdale book.


See the boys do their chores but see they get to be boys too.

Lazy as government help.

I was so hungry I could see cornbread walking on the ground.

You look like somebody whupped you with a mad rattle snake.

I’ll be over before you can say Cooter Brown.


A wild boar is terrorizing the countryside and two boys decide to go after it.

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