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Dead in the West


Bill Nolan-Stagecoach driver. Has an eye patch due to an arrow.

Jake Wilson-Shotgun rider.

Lulu McGill-Saloon girl.

Mignon-Little girl.

Millie Johnson-Girl on the stage.

Mr. Tin Horn Gambler-Also on stage.

Jebediah Mercer-Traveling preacher and Confederate veteran. His father was a minister. He hates spiders and has nightmares. He had loved his sister very much and was caught having sex with her by their father.

Joe Bob Rhine and David-Local blacksmith and son. Joe Bob is called Billy Jack later in the book.

Jack Montclaire-Hotel owner.

Mate Cage-Sheriff.

The Fergusons-Family that had just lost their month old baby.

Molly McGuires-Local café.

Caleb Long-Deputy whose mother was raped by a preacher.

Reverend Calhoun-Town preacher who rents Jebediah his tent.

Uncle Bains-Trash collector.

Nate Foster-Town drunk and banker.

Bessie Jackson-School mistress.

David Webb-Had a sick daughter who he took to Indian medicine man. He thought the cure killed the girl. He and townsfolk hang Indian and his woman and later his daughter is fine.

Glenda-His little girl

Zack-Bartender at Dead Dog Saloon. Same place as in Texas Night Riders.

Doc Pleekner-Town doctor.

Abby-His beautiful daughter.

Cecil-Cook at Molly’s.

Steve Mertz-Undertaker.

Mrs. Jameison-Town lady with the miseries.

Cane Lavel-Neck broken by Indian.

Buck Wilson-Jaw broken by Indian.

Hiram Wayland-Man who was with the group when they killed Indian. He told the doctor what had happened.

Tim and Mary Glass-Mignon’s grandparents.

Buela-Millie’s sister.

Old Man Crider-Buried in a cheap funeral, he swole up and almost burst out the sides of his pine box.

Matthews-Owner of general store.

Miss McFee-Eaten by the zombies.


Mud Creek shows up again in a Lansdale novel. First time that I know of was in Texas Night Riders.


Goddamned lily livered windbreaking long eared excuses for mules.

Hot as a bitch dog in heat.

Darker than shit from Satan’s bowels.

Thick as seed ticks on a cow’s udder.

Why couldn’t he piss in the wind like a real man?


People of Mud Creek had killed a traveling medicine man and his woman. The spirit of the man takes revenge on the town. Jebediah Mercer, a traveling minister, is drawn into the town and has to fight his way out.

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