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Drive In


Jack-The guy telling the story.

Dan-Owner of Dan’s Pool Hall.

Willard-Lean, muscular, ultra cool dude in the group. Has a tattoo on each bicep. The left one says Kick Ass, the right one says Eat Pussy. He is so cool he doesn’t look back at people when he walks away, he knows they are watching him.

Marjory-His mother.

Bear-Mean, ugly, 6’5” guy at the pool hall.

Randy-5’5” skinny black friend. He is the resident expert on movie special effects.

Bob-Jack’s best friend.

Harold-Jack’s dad.

Wendle Benbaker-Took Randy’s girlfriend from him.

Leona of the Big Tits-The girlfriend.

Jeke-Randy’s source for beer.

Merve Kinsman-Guy at the drive in with a 357 magnum.

Cooter-One of the bikers at the drive in.

Sam-Leader of the ultra Christians.

Mable-His wife who once won a baking contest in Gladewater.

Deacon Cecil-One of the Christians.

Frances-Mable’s cousin.

Candy Girl-Name that Jack calls the concession worker.

Crier-Guy who carries news from each of the lots.

Boscoe-His dog.

Popcorn King-Willard and Randy after they transform.


The Orbit Drive In is in Mud Creek which seems to be Joe’s favorite place for odd happenings.

Some of the guys work at the aluminum chair plant which has been a job for other characters in Joe’s books. Willard got laid off from the plant.

Willard also used to be a projectionist.

They buy gas at Buddy’s Fill Up.


We heard stories of carnivorous insects that grew like sourdough starter in the pubic thatches of $20.00 women.

Nose hairs thick enough to use as piano wire.

Lips reminded me of those rubber worms fishermen use.

So tight when he blinked the skin of his dick rolled back.

Swore she wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouthful.

He couldn’t carry a tune in a safe deposit box.


A group of good-ol' boys decide to spend an evening at a drive in movie. A meteor goes over and everyone is trapped in the drive in. After a while things get to going more than a little crazy.

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