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Drive In 2


Jack, Bob, Crier-Our heroes from Drive In, now on the Highway to who knows where.

Bob and Mable-Dead after Drive In but mentioned here.

Timothy-Burned guy in the car with Grace.

Grace-Woman the Jack saves. She is from Nacogdoches and knows martial arts.

Sue Ellen-Timothy’s sister.

Popalong Cassidy-The kind of bad guy here. He used to be a person but now has a TV set for a head. He wears a cowboy outfit with six shooters. His father was a preacher.

Clarence-Man waiting to hang himself.

Gene-Helps one of the hanged men to die faster,.

Steve-Man from Shit Town who accidentally runs over and kills Crier who was taking a leak at the time. The collision causes him to yank his dick off.

Tina Sue-Steve’s wife.

Fred Trual-Took Steve’s wife.


The sky seems too blue and perfect now.

The sun sets in the north and later sets in the south.

Jungle Home is the place where they stay for a while. Later they go to Shit Town.

They listen to Sleepy LaBeef tapes.

At the end of the book, some of the people are getting their shadows back.


Getting crucified is not like stepping on a sticker or having a splinter in your palm.

Bluer than a Swedes eye.

It wasn’t going to smell like the perfume counter at JC Penney’s.

Crier held out his hand, made a fist, and let the cobra rise.

I was as crazy as a cat in a drier.

If you’re dead it doesn’t matter if 50 naked women with tits like zeppelins are at the end of the highway ready to suck your dick until your balls cave in, you’ll still be dead.

Things will go and change on you.

There’s titties and then there’s titties.

Nature’s way of saying “Sayonara Motherfucker”.

Time isn’t worth a duck fart here.

Finding out your gal can work a dick better than Tom Mix could work a lariat is all right.

Chase them honky tonk angels until my dick needed a wheelchair to get ar


Bob, Crier, and Jack finally escape the Drive In to find a strange new world waiting for them. They travel down the highway with almost limitless gas mileage and see Tyrannosaurus Rex among other oddities.

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