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Magic Wagon


Billy Bob Daniels-Medicine seller and magic wagon owner. Says he is the son of Wild Bill Hickok.

Old Albert aka Albert C. Moses-Black man who drives the wagon. He is about 50 and is Billy Bobís uncle, although Billy Bob doesnít like to admit it.

Rot Toe-The wrestling chimp who hates Billy Bob.\\Ishamel-Head mule.

Little Buster-Seventeen year old boy taken in by Billy Bob and Albert.

Harold Fogg-Busterís daddy who was killed by a twister when Buster was 15.

Glenda-Busterís mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Parks-Neighbors.

Hazel Oninís son-Crazy man who foretells doom on Harold.

Freddy Clarence-Friend of Buster.

Doc Ryan-Town doctor.

Johnny Parks-One time bully who makes crutches for Buster.

Jack Purdue-Banker.


Texas Jack Wentworth-Great shot and fast draw. Once out shot Doc Carver who was considered to be best in the world. Wears a derby hat.

Blue Hat aka Noel Reasoner-Kid with Jack.


Skinny-Simple fellow who combs his hair with cow manure and thinks the bottle flies that are attracted to his hair are pretty. He sweeps out the bar for beer and peppermints.

Bob Chauncey aka Checkers-Wears a black and orange checked suit. He told the story about where to find Hickokís body when the wagon was in Deadwood. He is also a nose picker.

Elijah Bigshield-Oglala medicine man who had Hickok. He is very educated and a fancy talker. He is killed by Billy Bob.

Harmon-Big mouthed guy who wrestles Rot Toe.

Doc Madonna-Man Albert once worked for.

Jasmine-Albertís sister and Billy Bobís mother.

Sled Driver-Takes Albertís message to Billy Bob.


Wild Bill was found in the Dakota Territory. While there they used the wood of sacred trees to mend the wagon. A storm cloud seemed to follow them after that all the way to Mud Creek Texas. This is the third Lansdale book that has taken place in Mud Creek. This is not a place where I would have wanted to live.

Uplifting story of a practical joking sheriff who like to put matches to the feet of sleeping prisoners. One time the tables were turned when a man who killed his wife, mother-in-law, and a mule was locked up. Everyone missed the mule and was really angry at Mule Slayer for killing Old Jesse. The farmer tried his match trick, Mule Slayer got the sheriff and tied him to the bunk and burned him to death.

Uses converted .36 Navy revolver like the Preacher did in Dead in the West.


(Teeth) so big and thick you could have tied either one to a stick and used it for a hoe.

Farmerís wife he was in town buying seed not sowing it.

(Gun) Dangling like a metal Johnson in leather underwear.

Felt as natural as a pig in boots.

Maybe Iíd have to turn his head around on his shoulders some.


A traveling medicine show runs into trouble in Mud Creek, Texas, site of other trouble through the years. The wagon had stopped in the Dakotas and got mixed up in some bad magic. A cloud follows them all the way to Texas and seems to come to a head in Mud Creek.

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