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Waltz of Shadows


Hank Small-Movie rental store owner. Gets pulled into a situation he never wanted. Likes to read Andrew Vachss. He loves his old ugly truck where he keeps a shotgun, a .38, and a baseball bat.

Beverly-His red-headed wife of 20 years. She doesnít like Bill.

JoAnn-His daughter.

Sammy-His 9 year old son.

Wylie-German Shepard.

Bill aka Jack Frame-His nephew who is always in trouble. Owes Hank a lot of money from schemes through the years.

Rick-Hank brother and Billís dad who was killed in a car wreck.

Fran-Billís mother.

Arnold-Hankís older half brother, loves to catfish, keeps old chicken necks for bait but throws them away for fear they might grow together and come after him.

Mrs. Maude page-Murdered heiress.

Sharon-Girl that Bill met in library who got him into the mess.

Bob, Dave, Carrie-Other members of the Disaster Club. Bunch of rich bored kids. Doing crazy stunts like dodging cars and playing games on railroad tracks.

Dr. Benjamin J. Parker-Club thought they were going to kidnap his wife but tables get turned.

Tara-His wife.

Oscar Caine aka Fat Boy-Former lawyer.

Tommy Ray Mault aka Cobra Man or Snake-Fat Boyís cousin who has a really awful stink about him.

Jake-The Docís connection to Fat Boy.

Barbara aka Bambi-Docís girlfriend.

Butch-Arnoldís dog.

Carolyn-Hankís mother, lives in Tyler, two hours away.

Kinley-Old girl friend of Arnoldís.

Ms. Nichols-JoAnnís teacher.

Raymond Sanchez-Video store manager.

Mark Flendie-Out of business video store operator.

Old Man Crater-Arnoldís neighbor.

Price-Chief of Police. There was a Lt. Price in Cold in July.

Virgil Griffin-Lawyer.

Carolyn-First wife.

Meg-Fourth wife.

Tim Mayday-His partner.

Poot-Timís dog.


Events happen in late October in east Texas.

The deal goes down in Busby, Texas.

Imperial City, Texas is another location for happenings.

Convenience stores are called Stop & Robs.

Go to the Sleepy Time Tourist Court, a local rundown motel.

Arnold has a cabin on Lake Imperial.


Dog looks like it belongs on the end of a mop handle.

In bed she could make a pig speak French.

Make sure he has drank his last Coca-Cola.


Bill gets mixed up with a rough crowd that plans a kidnap and murder. They get killed instead and Bill gets the blame. His uncles Hank and Arnold have to figure out what is going on before they all get killed.

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