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Blood Dance


Jim Melgrhue-Telling the story.

Bob Bucklaw-His partner.

Mix Miller-Introduced the boys to Carson.

Beau Carson-Head robber, was a major in the war.

W. H. Cole-Owner of General Store.

Eagle Feather-Crow Indian with Carson. His Crow name is You are next to a dead thing. He was loyal to his wife and the Crows considered this odd and thought he was dead inside.

Taggart-Blonde giant with Taggart.

John Johnston-25o pound frontiersman with a red beard. He is called Crow Killer and Liver Eating Johnston. His wife was killed by Crow Indians.

Big Robert-Crow Chief who tries to kill Johnston.

Gray Bear-New chief who wants peace with Johnston.

Jack McCall-Man who pulls his gun on Jim for no real reason.

Big Butt Molly-Local whore.

Moses-Has a flophouse.

Honest Roy Childers-Tries to steal Jimís horse but later helps him out. He is Moses brother.

Pickle Nose Annie-Blacksmithís wife and restaurant owner.

Old Man Williams-Undertaker.

Uncle Billy-Has another eating place.

The One Who Made the Buffalo Fall Down-Their Spirit Guide.

Wild Bill Hickok-Yep, the one and only.

Carl Mann-Saloon keeper.

White Eye-Man who drags the bodies from the saloon.

General Custer-Yep, that one.

Bloody Knife-Ree Indian.

Tom Custer-Generalís brother.

Reno and Benteen-Two of Custerís men.


Jim is from Louisiana.

Civil War veteran.

Story takes place in 1875 in the Dakota Territory.

The Indians call the Black Hills of Dakota Pa Sapa..


Jim and Bob had been wandering since the war doing many jobs in many places. They throw in with an outlaw who says they are going after Yankees but turns out to be a murderer. Jim and Bob try to stop him, Bob is killed and Jim left for dead. Jim then goes on a crusade for revenge and meets many historical figures.

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