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Jim Higgins-Plymouth driver who dreams about the black Chevy.

Margaret-His wife.

Vernice (Jim) Trawler-Highway patrolman killed by the group near Livingston, Texas.

Montgomery Buford Davis aka Monty-The lifelong coward (he once let a bully, Billy Sylvester, feed a dog turd to his brother, Billy, and did nothing to stop it) who has to turn heroic.

Becky (Shiner)-His wife and rape victim.

Casey-Their cat.

Dean and Eva Beaumont-Friends of Monty and Becky who lend them the use of their cabin in east Texas.

Clyde Edson-One time leader of the group, captured after Beckyís rape and hangs himself in jail.

Sgt. Philson-Investigating officer after the rape.

Malachi Roberts-Minnanette mechanic who sees the Chevy in the area.

Dorothy-His wife who died the night the Chevy showed up.

Brian Blackwood-Blond kid whose best friend was Clyde and is now the group leader. He thinks the God of the Razor has put Clyde in his brain and Clyde is telling him what to do. He si not sure if his ideas are his or Clydeís.

Jimmy and Angela-Two kids who join up with Brian late and wish they hadnít.

Loony Tunes and Stone-More of Brianís and Clydeís followers.

Betty Sue Flowers-Early girlfriend of Brian.

Pop-Store/gas station owner in Minnanette.

Marjorie-Girl Monty sees at Pops.

Judge Lowry-Presided over case when Clyde and Brian beat op their principal.

Raymond Caldwell and his poodle Meme-Out for a walk and hears Becky screaming during her rape. He goes to help, saves Beckyís life but loses his and the dogís.

Selma-His wife.

Ted Olson-DPS officer.

Roxanne-His wife.

Larry-Tedís partner but Ted doesnít like him.

Moses Franklin-Possum hunter who finds Pop after he has been burned.

Lena Carathers-Another victim.

Sam Griffith-Driver of Dodge Dart. First use of this name in a book. It is used again in Texas Night Riders.

Hiram Ryan-Tried to kill himself at Popís after his wife ran off with an insurance salesman from Oklahoma named Tully Grishom. He didnít die but ended up in a state mental hospital.


The black Chevy almost becomes a character itself as the group drives around in it on Highway 59 in east Texas. They run into a white Plymouth 50 miles out from Houston and keep going.

Monty drives a VW Rabbit.

Minnanette has a population of about 500. It is near Lufkin and Livingston.

Brian once buried a cat in the dirt up to its neck and then went after it with a lawnmower.

Clyde lived in The House just below Stoker Street past where it intersected King Street.

Brian dreams of the God of the Razor. It manipulated a Clyde dummy and Clyde spoke to Brian.

Brian cuts off Angelaís finger to get her to turn against Jimmy.


Galveston always smelled like some giant was airing out a pair of stale underwear in front of a huge fan.

Used to wake up every morning with a hard on. These mornings I do good to wake up.

I had a pecker you could use for a cold chisel.

He ainít nothing but a turnip green now.

God carries the biggest damn club youíve ever seen.


A group of crazed young people are out for revenge. Their leader was caught after they tried to murder Becky Jones. Their leader kills himself in jail and the group wants to find the woman and kill her. They will stop at nothing to get to her.

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